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Somper on Sarnies: Max’s sandwich shop, Finsbury Park

I think I awoke covered in Special Brew. At least I hope it was. I feel like I’ve had a small golf ball embedded in my skull for the last 24 hours. I need food. Sustenance will solve all. It was with this in mind that I decided to brave the streets of North London

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Shelter’s charity runners dash to success

Last Thursday more than 1200 people ran Vertical Rush. Vertical Rush is a unusual charity run: instead of jogging on the green, the participants run the 932 steps that lead to the panoramic view of of Tower 42m, the third highest skyscraper of the City in Old Broad street. People from 17 to 70 came

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Arsenal ends Lincoln City’s FA Cup dream

Arsenal secured a place at Wembley with a resounding victory against Lincoln City. After a first half where Daniel Cowley’s side showed its worth through composed defending and tactical prowess, Theo Walcott broke through for the Gunners to secure their first goal only moments before the break. This was the beginning of the end for

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