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Cheerleading: How hard can it be?

City, University of London’s cheerleading team has seen its fair share of accolades over the years. Team captain Madeline Smith talks to Ayushman Basu about what occurs behind the scenes, dealing with team morale and how cheerleading is still a sport stigmatised by society. Pom poms, spectacular jumps and tumbles are what spring to mind

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Arsenal fans to Wenger: We want you to go

Tensions at Arsenal reached a new level after fans staged a ‘Wenger Out’ protest before watching their team thrashed 5-1 by Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. A toxic atmosphere has descended over the North London club in recent weeks, with fans’ anger mostly directed at manager Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal boss suffered his heaviest home

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Bloody brilliant! The company making money out of menstruation

An Islington company is turning women’s periods into a successful business. “The idea came out of my own frustration with the way tampons and pads are bought,” says DAME’s founder, Celia Pool. “I saw the whole manner of how other utility products come through the door, things likes contact lenses, coffee etc. and realised that

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