Apple Day returns to Islington

Last year's pick - Apple Day 2016 in Gillespie Park. Credit: Sally Oldfield

Organisers are hoping up to 800 apple lovers will gather this Sunday for the fourth edition of Gillespie Park’s Apple Day, which celebrates the coming of autumn with Britain’s favourite fruit.

The annual event, co-organised by Friends of Gillespie Park, will take place from 12pm to 4pm at the Islington Ecology Centre in Gillespie Park.

Visitors will be able to enjoy 25 varieties of the fruit from Brogdale’s Fruit Orchards in Kent, such as the Allington Pippin and the Sheep’s Nose, none of which are available to buy in supermarkets.

Sally Oldfield, Islington Council’s Nature Conservation Manager, said: “There are hundreds of different types of apples, but most of them are not sold widely anymore. Brogdale’s Fruit Orchard keeps these traditional varieties going.

“We have some beautiful apples, so you can come along and taste them, put them through a juicer and try the different juices”.

Apple bobbing, live music from local musicians and a performance by a local children’s group the Gillespie Band are all on the agenda.

An educational experience is core to Apple Day’s values, Sally explains: “We chop up the apples and put them into a scratter, where you have to turn the handle and it mushes the apples up, and the children get to do that.

“It is a good thing for children to understand how something that they may drink every day is made.”

Sally hopes that local events such as Apple Day will encourage residents to enjoy their local green spaces and to mix with other local communities.