A beaming tribute to the mother of feminism

Mother of feminism: Mary Woolstonecraft's image beamed on Westminster walls

THE FACE of writer Mary Wollstonecraft was projected onto the House of Commons last night.

The stunt was intended to help raise funds for a statue of Wollstonecraft, the eighteenth century political philosopher regarded by many as the mother of feminism, who ran a girls’ school in Newington Green.

A  campaign group hopes to raise £200,000 for the statue.

Roberta Wedge, a Wollstonecraft expert and blogger, said: “Her life story and her writings have incredible relevance today,” and added that her ideas about human rights could be applied to uprisings today such as the Arab Spring.

As to what Mary would think of today’s radical, dissenting tent village outside St Paul’s Cathedral, Wedge, who also writes as Mary on Twitter said: “She would be very, very interested in Occupy London. She’d see it as the best form of education – she liked taking her pupils out of the class and into the world. The Tent City University is exactly the type of place she would go.”