The city that never sleeps: 5 easy steps to better night’s sleep in London

Londoners need sleep to fuel their long weeks but shut-eye can be hard to come by in the capital. March is National Bed Month and to mark the occasion, Islington Now have put together five quick and easy ways to help you nod off.

1)  Turn off your technology

Most of us can’t go five minutes without checking our phones or tablets to catch up on the latest social media gossip or filter through unread emails, it’s important to switch-off and unwind.

According to The Sleep Council, 17 per cent of us check social media before we go sleep. Experts believe that taking gadgets into bed can cause ‘electronic insomnia’, so get into the habit of turning off your devices. You can reply to your boss’s email in the morning.

2) Drown out the late night noise

Much like New York, London is a city that never sleeps. The sounds of night buses, police sirens and drunk revellers never cease so it’s worthwhile finding a way to drown out the background noise.

Putting on ear plugs is an easy option but many people find that listening to music can be an equally effective way of alleviating sleep problems. The soothing sounds of Ed Sheeran or Passenger are always guaranteed to help you drift off.

3) Block out the street lights

You might have slept with a night light when you were younger but these days darkness is key to ensuring a good night’s sleep. In London that can be hard to find with street lights on every corner.

Thankfully, this can easily be remedied by fitting blackout blinds or thicker curtains. Failing that, you can attempt to hide under your duvet or there’s always the old fashioned way of putting on an eye mask.

4) Avoid those teasing takeaways

As tempting as it is, takeaway food is not good if you are after a decent kip. Fatty meats, curry and alcohol are among the worst offenders when it comes to disrupting sleep. Lying down after a spice or fat-filled meal can lead to heartburn and a restless night, and alcohol prevents you from getting into the deeper stages of sleep.

But if you need that midnight snack and can’t resist a midnight trip to the kitchen, then milk, fruit and herbal tea are known to help.
5) Splash the cash for comfort

Lastly, it’s important to have a comfortable bed. If your mattress is causing you back pain or the pillows have lost their shape, then don’t hesitate to start splashing that cash.

The Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress after seven years of usage. Spending a little extra time and money on making sure your bed is right for you will be help…after all this is where the magic happens – sleep that is.

“The city that never sleeps” is a series of articles by Islington Now about the National Bed Month, check out the other ones in the related posts!