5 signs spring has sprung in Islington

Photo credit: Max Ramsay


It may not be officially Spring until Monday, but thanks to a warm spell Islington is already enjoying longer, sunnier days. Here’s five signs spring has sprung:

  1. The daffodils are out in force.
Photo credit: Max Ramsay
Photo credit: Max Ramsay

These yellow beauties are popping up all over the place. This lovely lot can be found in Spa Fields.

  1. Lunch breaks are moving outside.

Photo credit: Matteo Moschella

Forget the sad salad at the desk, now’s the time to eat al fresco. Take a leisurely lunch.

  1. Camellias are starting to appear.



These delicate pink camellias were spotted on St. John’s Street, proving nature can bloom even in the middle of the city.

  1. The ice cream van’s in town.


Photo credit: Calum Wilson
Photo credit: Calum Wilson

If you can outrun a hungry child, get down to Northampton square and you might find the elusive ice cream van, emerging from a long winter hibernation.

  1. Regent’s Canal is shining again.


It’s not the clearest of waters, but when it’s reflecting the trees in the sunshine, Regent’s Canal can be beautiful.