Mum pleads with council to help bring her boy home

An Islington mum is begging the council to help bring her severely autistic son home after alleged abuse in psychiatric institutions around the UK left him bloodied and bruised.

Stephen Andrade, 22, but with a mental age of eight, says that all he wants is to live with his mum in Islington. He screams and clings to her every time she leaves him, begging “Mummy, Ste go home.” He has spent the past four years in psychiatric institutions after being sectioned for his own safety.

His mother, 53-year-old Leo, has been fighting every day for those past four years to bring him home. She claims her son does not have a psychiatric illness and has not been diagnosed as mentally unstable or violent, yet he spends every day dosed up on eight different antipsychotic drugs because of his severe autism.

Stephen is semi-verbal, and when agitated will smash his head against walls. He wears a soft-padded helmet to try to protect himself. But, the best way to protect him, according to his mum, is to bring him home.

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Leo says that after two years of constant battles with Islington council, she won the right for Stephen to be transferred to a different hospital. She thought her son’s ordeal was over but it had just begun.

“Islington were not on my side. They would not let Stephen stay in a residential home back here as they said they could not find someone for his needs. But I had to get him out of there, so they agreed to transfer him to another hospital in Clacton-on-Sea. He doesn’t need a hospital. He needs his own house with carers.”

Islington Council had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

Leo urges readers to sign her the petition, which can be found at:

11 comments on “Mum pleads with council to help bring her boy home

  1. Stephen and many others are locked far away in hospitals instead of being cared for at or near home by professionals who understand ASD (Autism). That is completely wrong. Drugging kids up so they can’t complain is horrendous. The more who sign the petition the better.

  2. Hi Leo.

    Good luck in your fight to bring Stephen home, as Jane mentioned – hope you receiving support from your MP plus local suppprt groups.

    Hopefully you have spoken to the like of This Morning – Phil/Holly plus Loose Women who have one of your local personalities Linda Robson.

    I will forward your petition onto their email addresses plus anyone l can think of.

    Old saying – ” Don’t let the B get you down”

    It will be all worth it once you have Stephen back home.



  3. Autism is not a mental illness. It is inhumane and inappropriate to incarcerate Stephen and others with this disability in hospital.

  4. Great interview Leo. Let’s hope that it stirs up some local pressure on your council to listen to you and your son Stephen

  5. As a nation we give millions to foreign governments, some of whom have dubious human rights records but we can’t look after our own disabled children!

  6. It just breaks my heart to read about what you and your son are going through. It’s sickening that these so-called healthcare workers are able to incarcerate and abuse your son, whilst also drugging him so he can’t explain what’s happening to him and still call themselves human beings.

  7. Islington Council are breaking the law by committing institutional child abuse. That is what it is, no matter how they dress it up & what excuses they use

  8. It is disgusting what is going on in the uk. No way should this be happening my local area of Enfield sent my daughter from London to Wales then Northampton to a care home where she had no food at the weekend – they tried to force return her back to care in the most nasty way when she was not happy in care. There needs to be some accountability and support for families in the community and no way should someone be deprived of their liberty or sent hundreds of miles away and put on lots of antipsychotic drugs. What kind of Government allows this to go on. I hope you succeed and how right you are to fight and campaign for your son.

  9. To Islington Council and responsible authorities, please do something now to end this family’s suffering! This is truly unbelievable that this can happen in our society today!

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