Islington street art pilgrimage – an Instagram guide

We traced back the most fascinating graffiti in Islington that residents decided to feature on Instagram. Scroll down for a map with graffiti locations.

If you want to explore these street art gems yourself, start by wandering along Caledonian Road – a leader by the graffiti density, including the works by North London pop art star Pegasus.

Caledonian Road

Pegasus’ Faith Inc Gallery is located on Caledonian Road. The artist placed his must-see scandalous portrait of Kate Middleton straight on its wall in November 2014.


Heading up north, turn left to Freeling Street and you’ll find this cute hipster dog.


Turn left to Tilloch Street at the next corner and you are in the magic garden with gigantic exotic birds.


Sonmi451, a self-sacrificing heroine of the Cloud Atlas book and Wachowski movie is pictured at one of the Caledonian Road walls, too.

#caledonianroad #london #sonmi451

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Look down – there may be art closer to the ground.

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Look for a tribute to Amy Winehouse by Pegasus at the corner of Hungerford Road and York Way near Caledonian Road.

#caledonianroad #amywinehouse #rip #artwork #angel #london

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A tribute to Robin Williams in an image of Mork was created by Thumper. The work can be found approaching the canal towards King’s Cross.


Patriotic art with Royal allusions by Pegasus.


Holloway Road

This old school graffiti can be found on the left side of the road before you get to Holloway Road Station.

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A work by an artist Irony who is creating provocative graffiti in collaboration with Boe across the UK.

#irony #archway #london #streetart #londongraff #graff #graffiti

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Upper Street

Part of the Fallen Angels series by Pegasus at Upper Street.


Gaskin Street art by an artist Zabou.


Finsbury Park

Another conceptual piece by Irony and Boe at Blackstock Road.


Try to find the graffiti yourself:

Send us your favourite Islington graffiti pictures on Twitter @IslingtonNow!

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