Artist asks Finsbury Park residents to help design art works

Local residents are being invited to help create artworks that will change the face of Finsbury Park’s railway bridges. 

A series of workshops are underway for displays on two main railways on Seven Sisters Road and Stroud Green Road.

The project is called Leading Lights, run by Islington Council in partnership with All Change, a charity based in Graham Street, Islington.

The council has commissioned award-winning artist Morag Myerscough, from Holloway, to create major public art works for the bridges and to run a series of workshops with local organisations, to invite people to create patterns that will inspire the finished artworks.

Suzanne Lee, artistic director at All Change said: “People are saying the railway bridges are really unpleasant and need improving desperately. We invited artists to present their ideas and had an exhibition where people came and choose what they preferred, as well giving their own ideas and opinions. Morag’s work was the most popular.”

Photo: Romain Forquy for All Change.

Mohammad and Luke come up with some designs for the railway bridges. Photo: Romain Forquy for All Change.

Ms Myerscough said: “I know this area really well and it is important to me that the art involves everybody and represents the balance of cultures in the area. This place is changing for everyone for the better. I’ve worked on many projects where public are involved. It means people can look at the bridges and think ‘I helped make this plan.’

When I was a little girl Finsbury Park was seen as being quite posh. It’s just about bringing it back to the way it was, while representing the diversity of people living here today.”

Three primary schools, as well as a centre for the elderly and members of the Turkish Kurdish Cypriot Women’s Project are creating patterns that the artist will then incorporate into an overall design, that will also include words and light display. It is hoped that the pieces will help to welcome visitors to Finsbury Park as they exit the train stations.

Ms Lee added: “Many people see Finsbury Park as a place you go through instead of a place you come to. We want to make Finsbury Park a destination for residents as well as for visitors.”

Photos by Romain Forquy for All Change

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