Futuristic community museum a success at London Met

A software designer and artist has put on an exhibition of tech-driven ‘art experiments’ at London Metropolitan University.

Self-proclaimed “artist and geek” Nye Thompson won a competition organised by London Met and arts organisation Islington Exhibits to create an exhibition based around ‘DIY communities’ at the university.

Keen to explore how to document the world of Holloway Road, she used electronics, computing and social media in the exhibits at The Museum of the Shared Now.

Ms. Thompson has a strong link to the university after she graduated with an MA in Fine Art last September.

She also studied a BA in Art at Goldsmith’s College in the 1980s, working alongside Young British Artists like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

She said: “In my practice I’m very interested in the relationship between the physical world and virtual world, and the interfaces between them.

“There’s something quite nice about preserving and documenting this virtual ephemera.”

Amongst the pieces is a wall of tweets that mention Holloway Road, preserving the day-to-day activities of local residents.

Next to it is a machine that is linked to Twitter that responds to people’s tweets to the exhibition by releasing marbles down an elaborate track.

Now that the exhibition has finished, Ms. Thompson was delighted with the broad audience that her work reached.

“A lot of the people who come here might not usually go to an art show, so it’s been nice to talk to people with different perspectives to the people who make up the art world.

“And people are quite excited to see their tweets up on the wall!”

Ms. Thompsons is also a part-time software designer,  and her two passions have crossed – she helped design the software on which the exhibits run.

Speaking about the community aspect to her work, she said: “I like the idea of a piece of art that changes in response to the environment and the viewer.

“I like that interplay between the viewer and the viewed.”

The Museum of the Shared Now ran from 20-24 October.

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