Boris Johnson opens ‘Emirates’ line

A £50m link on the London Overground was opened by Boris Johnson last week. The line, dubbed the “rail version of the M25”, travels the 1.3 miles between Dalston Junction and Highbury and Islington in six minutes. The Mayor of London believes the new line will make it easier for commuters to get to the east of the city and will prove useful for the 60,000 Arsenal fans travelling to matches at the Emirates.

The development will be completed next year when a secondary extension joins Clapham Junction with Surrey Quays.

The link utilises a previously disused line and will create a rail orbital, connecting people from all areas of London.

By the end of next year it is thought that up to 100,000 commuters will be using the Overground every day.

The Mayor told the BBC: “You’re hooking up two big areas of economic growth and jobs. People get much more easily into the city from north London and people from south London can get up to Shoreditch and on to Highbury and Islington.”

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