More than 1200 sign petition calling for a safe crossing at ‘terrifying’ Holloway junction

More than 1200 people have signed a petition calling for a safe pedestrian crossing at a busy Islington junction, which has been dubbed as “terrifying” by supporters of the campaign.

The intersection, which joins Holloway Road, Drayton Park and Palmer Place, is a main crossing point between London Metropolitan University and Highbury Fields.

Andrew Spencer, a resident in the area, launched the petition last month after having near-misses with road-users while attempting to cross. He says the junction poses a serious risk to pedestrians, who are forced to take a gamble while crossing.

He said: “I have had situations where I’ve started to cross, a vehicle turns and I’ve had to quickly get away.

Richard Watts, Islington Council leader, contacted TfL last week and said that they are “working on a proposal to improve or introduce pedestrian crossings at the junction.”

This isn’t good enough for Spencer, who says that instant action needs to be taken. He explained: “This is already a junction with traffic lights. I just can’t believe that that is a difficult or an expensive thing.

“This is such a dangerous crossing that we shouldn’t have to wait until they carry out improvements along the rest of Holloway Road.”

Linda Hudson, a backer of the petition, described on how she was knocked over by a vehicle at the crossing, leaving her with ten stitches in her upper lip.

Mother-of-one, Sally Micova, who has lived in the area for nine years, is often too afraid to cross the junction. She explained: “You can’t see the approaching cars and there are no pedestrian lights. Now that I have a two-month-old baby, I feel terrified.

“I find myself trying to decide by pushing the pram out to get across or not. That’s terrifying to me.”

Councillor Andy Hull has also expressed his support for the petition. He told Islington Now: “I think it’s a really dangerous crossing. I’ve tried to get across there with my son in his pram, and you don’t know which way to look.”